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Monte Carlo for the weekend

Ladies, you have found a handsome, rich and lovely man, he asks where you would like to go. If you're stuck then say, 'Monte Carlo'.

You may only know about it as a result of Formula 1, or may be you don't even know where it is? It's a very small principality on the Mediterranean coast of southern France, Europe. It's a tax haven so attracts some of the wealthiest people on the planet. An apartment will cost up to $30,000,000 and the boats moored in the marina are about $10,000,000 a piece.

That level of money makes it one of the cleanest places you will ever visit. No litter, no mess and all the public parks have grass that looks like its been cut by hand with a pair of scissors. Restaurants and night clubs are out of this world and the service is first class.

The 5 star hotels have the most professional staff you will ever experience and you will never have to open or hold a door. A weekend in Monte Carlo will change your view of life forever.

Make it the number one location of choice for a weekend city break.

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