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Protect yourself

Our protection advice covers males and females.


As with any form of online dating you need to follow these rules to help protect yourself.

If you're going to travel internationally to meet a man then consider asking him to invite one of your female friends to join you.


You must be scammer aware. The risk of interacting with fakes profiles can be very high for wealthy dating sites. We have no way to guarantee that members are who they say they are. Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you.

Never send any money
Do not send money to other members. If you need to pay for a flight or visa then arrange this via an agent and have the woman collect them at the airport.

Confirm identity via a webcam
Before meeting or arranging travel ensure you use a webcam to talk. Use this to validate the cam matches the profile pictures on the site. Fakes will have an excuse to avoid this such as their camera doesn't work or they have internet problems. Just ignore these people, any serious girl looking to date a rich man will have a cam that works.

Get a passport scan
Ask her to email you a copy of her passport so you can confirm the picture and other details you may have discussed such as age and place of birth. does not perform any background checks on its members. You should perform your own checks. Our protection advice is for information purposes only. You should always seek professional advice if required.





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